June 29 and 30, 2013

Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride

Asian & Pacific Islander Community Pride Stage & Pavilion

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Venue Manager: Nikki Calma

A&PI Wellness Center is proud to present the Asian & Pacific Islander Pride Community Stage & Pavilion. Going on its thirteenth year, the A&PI Stage has served as home to A&PI LGBTs performers and artists. Hosted by community icon, Tita Aida, with an array of performing artists.

The A&PI Pavilion will anchor various A&PI LGBT organizations such as GAPA, A&PI Equality and others. HIV Testing will be available all throughout the day and results will be ready in twenty minutes.

Located on Polk & Turk Streets.



  • Ben Cabangun
    Doncha Viszyuwashme
    La Monistat
    Tita Aida


4Play Ladies

4Play consists of  FOUR exceptional young women brought together by their passion for music. They sing and dance to give you a total performance, thus leaving your eyes and ears full of entertainment from beginning to end. Their shows have been cited as a fresh new pop group with a complete balance of vocals and choreography, an experience not to be missed, eventually creating their tag line “The 4Play Experience.” These FOUR beautiful and talented ladies utilize an intoxicating mix of sexy eclectic beats with their sultry Pop/R&B vocals. Since the groups launch in December 2009 they have traveled the country proudly representing Asian-Americans in music. A powerhouse combination, these FOUR ladies bring fun, high energy, sassy and classy entertainment that will leave audiences wanting more 4Play!



Chris Cole

Chris Cole has been performing since he could speak.  That passion has been the platform for many accomplishments in his career.  Signed to Sony Music at the age of 14, performed on various television shows for MTV and Nickelodeon.  He played the role of "Lightfoot" in the feature film "The Fighting Temptations" starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Beyonce, not to mention being one of the first VJ's for the MYX Channel global by ABS-CBN.  Chris is now gearing up to release his first EP entitled "Superhero" which chronicles the life of a relationship from beginning to end. 







Divo Bayer

Divo Bayer is a known Filipino singer for his hit songs like “Ba’t Di Mo Na Kaya”, “Bakit Hindi” and “Ngayong Nandito Ka”. He garnered the title as the only Emperor of the Soul of the country. Guiding his own style, his influences include the likes of Luther Vandross, James Ingram and Michael Bolton. With his husky and soulful voice and soulful performance, Divo captured the hearts of the listeners and the attention of the Filipino fans worldwide. To whistle is his expertise as no other male performer can do. He is the only Filipino male performer who can whistle like Mariah Carey.
Divo was born on May 11, 1978 in the city Olongapo, Philippines. At an early age, he joined several contest already and bagged all the prices. At first, his family don’t believe his talent but eventually supported him all the way.

The moment he realized that people enjoyed his singing ability, he began to contemplate seriously on performing. He joined and fronted several bands like True Colors, Toy Symphony and Elements. It was famous Ella Mae Siason who named him Divo from the notion of a male diva.

Erika David

Many artists dream that YouTube will make them famous but Erika David actually made that dream a reality. Erika quickly established a legion of loyal fans around the world with her strong penetrating voice, solid range, and sheer versatility seen through her remixing of popular hits. The powerful and soulful voice emerging from this petite beauty has created a following of over 190,000 YouTube subscribers with 36 millions views and counting, over 57,000 Fans on Facebook, and over 20,000 Followers on Twitter. Erika won the Colgate Max-Fresh Competition rewarding her to work with hit producer Bryan Michael Cox. Traveling nationally and internationally, Erika has opened and shared the stage with such artists as Brandy, Dru Hill, T-Pain, Jay Sean, Brown Eyed Girls, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga. Her songs and musical style depict a young, confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. And with Erika recently being signed to Jay Sean’s production company, you can be sure of one thing; Erika has the determination to make it to the top and the sheer talent to stay there for a very long time.

Leslie Deep

Leslie Deep is a pop music artist who comes to the music industry with a unique sound. Deep delivers infectious music that just makes you want to dance. Deep is a California native who followed his passion by writing & performing songs that stay true to him and his vision. His debut album "Deep Dark World" is now available on iTunes and various digital and mobile platforms. 







Michael Nguyen

A rising performing artist, Michael Nguyen is a singer, pianist, dancer, and choreographer.  He has been a veteran ensemble member of the Albany Park Theater Project in Chicago; is a student of highly esteemed masters such as Ruth Rainero (voice) and Keiko Sato (piano); studied chamber music at The European American Musical Alliance in Paris, France; choreographed numerous dance works; and advanced his training in ballet and contemporary dance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, the NYU Tisch Dance Festival, the Bates Dance Festival, and several other distinguished dance programs around the country.  In 2008, Michael graduated from Swarthmore College, with degrees in sociology, anthropology, and dance.  Committed to public service and civic and social justice, Michael is a supporter and cheerleader of the A&PI Wellness Center, and he works closely with his life partner James Hormel on numerous educational, artistic, political, and non-profit initiatives and efforts.  In February 2010, Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed him to the San Francisco Public Library Commission.

Justin Jap

Justin was finalist on Singapore Idol 2009, placing in the Top 12. Since his stint on the popular reality show, he has been performing in the US at various clubs and events, including Club Dragon and the very popular monthly Asian party at The EndUp, Shangrila. He is an avid supporter of the various causes of the LGBT API community in San Francisco, and is currently working on new material for a record.









Poisoned Cupcakes

Have a bite of these cupcakes, and you'll be dying to have some more. Cute on the outside but 'BAD ASS' on the inside. Isn't that the story of all FIERCE boys in the bay area? Poisoned cupcakes consists of different flavors. Each of them are equally yummy but if you have too much, they can be deadly. These boys will serve you something you've never had. Fresh out of the oven since 2011. Get them while they are hot!!!! So get ready and open your mouths because this will be a lot for you to swallow.


Heiwa Taiko

Our group is called Heiwa (Hay-Wah) Taiko from Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church in Union City. Heiwa means Peace in Japanese. We are a group of older women, grandmas, all retired, who loves to play Taiko. We are the best of friends and it's a wonderful vehicle in which to gather. Taiko is the ancient art of Japanese drumming used to notify villages in emergency and battle. In modern day, it is played at festivals and celebrations. Originally, only men were allowed to play taiko. In the US, the majority of players are younger men and women, which makes our group unique, our average age is 70 and our oldest player is 85. It is a very dynamic sound that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. It is entertainment that provides definite excitement touches the soul. We are an eclectic group that has a strong bond of friendship and we share the passion of playing Taiko, and we love sharing it with the audience.


Elemental Remix

Elemental Remix is a high-energy, all-female dance group based in San Jose. The lovely ladies of ER bring together several dance backgrounds and years of training to create their unique style. We believe dance is a way to create community.

Soulidified Project

Established in 2005, Soulidified Project is a professional Dance Company that promotes creativity and artistic ability through creative arts/avenues: dance, music, photography, design and events. The company allows artists to improve their skills and share their talents with the greater community. Soulidified Project encourages its members to be who they are and express themselves through company’s various projects, services and events. Soulidified Project believes that expression should have a purpose. Whether it is to inspire positivity to the younger generations or to encourage people to act on important issues, Soulidified Project promotes growth for the community. In SOUL we find purpose.

Keri Hanna

Keri Hanna, the reigning GAPA First Princess, is the secret love spawn of Carrie Bradshaw and Rihanna. She's moved to San Francisco only a year ago and was very pleased with what she has accomplished. She has done a few guest spots at Marlena's in Hayes Valley and now has just become a regular drag performer there on Saturdays. She was also recently selected as the Imperial Court's Princess of the reigning Emperor and Empress of San Francisco. Keri Hanna loves to perform at fundraiser shows for LGBT causes so don't hesitate to approach her if you are in need of talents for an event that raises awareness of LGBT community.





Rice Rockettes

Rice Rockettes are a San Francisco Bay Area drag troupe that came out officially in the summer of 2009.
United by their interest in community awareness, the Rockettes formed to create a fun and safe space for individuals to express themselves through the art of drag and performance.

Since its inception, the group has supported numerous fund-raising events and organizations such as SF Ducal Court, Catwalk, UC Berkley's Cal Queer & Asian, Transgender Law Center, AIDS Housing Alliance, and the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center. The Rice Rockettes have also been seen at numerous GAPA functions including Banquet, Runway and GAYmazing Race. They also just appeared in the 6th season of "America's Got Talent!".


Other Performers:

Culture Shock – Bay Area Dance Group
Danny Nguyen Dancers –Cultural Dance Group
Freeplay Dance Crew- Dance Group


Shawn  Perry ~ PKDJ ~ Jay Santos ~ Bryon Bonsall


Free confidential and anonymous HIV testing to A&PI high -risk populations.

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