June 23 and 24, 2012

Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride


Gay Frontiers: Past, Present, Future

June 26, 1977

Gay Freedom Day 1977
Name of Event: Gay Freedom Day
Celebration Site: Civic Center
Parade Route: Spear & Market
Temp: 59°
Crowd Estimate: 200,000
Board President: Carol Hilder, Charles Lee Morris
Mayoral Proclamation: Mayor Moscone
Chronicle Cover: "200,000 In Peaceful Parade"
Examiner Cover: "Gays, Friends Turn Out for Huge Parade"
1st to Appear: The Parade's most dramatic entry was the 'March of Dictators' which included huge poster prints of Anita Bryant, Hitler, the KKK, Amin & Stalin.
Major Events:
  • Anita Bryant Campaign
  • Mayor and Police Chief on City Hall Balcony
  • Gay USA/1st Parade Downtown
City Grants: None
Economic Impact: Unknown
Grand Marshals:  
"The recruitment of our children is absolutely necessary for the survival and growth of homosexuality."
- Anita Bryant