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The 2008 Parade Award Winners
Parade Award Category Winners
Absolutely Fabulous Overall Contingent
  Congratulations to the House of Garza, the winner of the 2008 Absolutely Fabulous Overall Contingent vote and a first time entrant in the annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade.


Absolutely Fabulous
Great emotional content, message, or outstand. presentation Our Family Coalition
Obama Pride
Milk Tribute
SF Imperial Court
Lusty Lady
Ray of Light Theatre

Absolutely Outrageous
The unexpected, over the top, brilliant, unique Macy's West
Evan Low
Bare Chest Calendar
House of Garza
Cyndi Lauper

Absolutely Fabulous Individual
One person who best exemplifies the spirit of the Parade, unique Marvin Burrows
Margaret Cho
Police Chief Heather Fong
Gavin Newsom
Mark Leno
Leslie Jordan

Absolutely Fabulous Street Act
Best routine, skit, props - creative, crowd response AIDS LifeCycle
Kenny the Clown
CUE Velocity Circus
House of Garza
NorCal Waste
Teatro ZinZanni

Absolutely Fabulous Visiting Contingent
Best group from outside the Bay Area Sacramento Sirens/Cheer for Life
Kat DeLuna
Latinos de Ambiente del Área de la Bahía
Hombres Unidos
Tri-City Health Center Soul of Pride
Youth Uprising

Absolutely Fabulous Marching Contingent
Two or more people walking, marching; no float or vehicle Balloon Magic
Cheer for Life/Cheer SF
Gay-Straight Alliance
Billy DeFrank LGBT Center
Virgin America

Absolutely Fabulous Musical Contingent
Group with live music, chorus or music as an important element San Francisco Pride Theme Float
San Francisco LGBT Freedom Band
Loco Bloco
Wells Fargo
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

Absolutely Fabulous Theme Contingent
Who best incorporates the event theme, "United by Pride, Bound for Equality" Dykes on Bikes
San Francisco SPCA
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
Tenderloin Health
Out of the Closet/AIDS Healthcare Fndtn.

2008 Parade Information

5 Different ways to watch the San Francisco Pride Parade Broadcast
Sunday, June 29th

LIVE Broadcast: On Bay Area Comcast 99 (Digital) 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

LIVE Webcasts:

*KRON 4 at www.KRON4.com and
*Clear Channel Radio on
SFPrideLive.com Live & Uncensored from 10:00 a.m. to the end

Prime Time: KRON 4, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Also: On Comcast: On Demand starting at 7:00 p.m.


Returning Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $250,000 and who took part in last year's Pride Parade are eligible for a free entry in Pride Parade. All we require is that you send in your completed application by April 4th, along with a letter from your treasurer certifying that your annual operating budget is under $250,000. Please note that after April 4th the regular fee schedule applies.

Local Businesses: If you are a local business (not including non-profit organizations) and are also a member of one of the following: The Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA), East Bay Business and Professionals Alliance (EBBPA), Merchants of Upper Market (MUMC), Polk Street Merchants Association or the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) you are entitled to a 50% discount off the Category F Local business rate. All we ask is that you send in with your application proof of membership in any of the above listed organizations to receive your discount.

General Parade Information

  (Photo Credit: Daniel Nicoletta)
    The 2008 San Francisco Pride Theme is, "United by Pride, Bound for Equality"

What is a Parade Contingent?
    A parade contingent is essentially a street theater performance with its own theme, set, cast, sound and scenario. Art meets politics in the back of a truck or marching along Market Street. Whatever your entry may be, it should openly display something: showing yourself off, displaying your ideals, recognizing your friends or trashing your enemies - all done with a sense of artistic flair in full public view.

What is a Multiple Group Contingent?
   A "Multiple Group Contingent" consists of related and affiliated organizations with different addressees marching together with a common theme. You are considered a multiple group, for example, if your contingent is Queers for XYZ and you have ten different chapters marching with you.

Contingent Monitors
    Every contingent MUST provide Contingent Monitors. Each contingent will need to staff/volunteers who would be willing to walk the parade route with your contingent and will act as a safety monitor for your contingent. Here is how you figure out how many Contingent Monitors you need for your group.
        2-25 persons marching = 2 Contingent Monitors
        26 to 50 persons marching = 4 Contingent Monitors
        51 to 75 persons marching = 6 Contingent Monitors
        76 to 100 persons marching = 8 Contingent Monitors
        100+ = Add another 2 Contingent Monitors per 25 persons
    ** All contingent monitors are REQUIRED to attend a training, even if they attended a training last year. A schedule of trainings will be provided in your confirmation packet. The trainings take place in the East Bay and San Francisco.

Volunteer Gap Monitors
(Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter)
Close the Gap!
    Gaps in the Parade can disrupt the steady flow of the procession. This year we will be continuing to implement a plan to minimize gaps and to improve the flow of the Parade. The success of this plan depends on the cooperation of all contingents. If you are aware of a gap developing between you and the contingent ahead of you, speed up! Also, we shall have a special "Close the Gap" squad on the Parade Route. Please comply with their directions.

Parade Route
    Subject to permit, Parade will begin on Market and Beale and proceed west on Market to Eighth. The Woman's Motorcycle Contingent will kickoff the Parade promptly at 10:30 AM. Trolleys that use the "F" Market tracks on Market Street will not be permitted on the Parade Route.

Parade Safety
    Your contingent must listen to and comply with all directions given by SF Pride Safety Monitors. In particular, no items may be thrown from your Parade entry into the crowd nor may anyone alight or board a moving vehicle. A warning will be given to your contingent should either or both occur and a penalty of $500 for each infraction will be levied. If infractions continue after the warning has been given your contingent will be removed from the route.

FREE Float Building Workshops
    Free Float Building Workshops will be available to all contingents wishing to learn or expand their float building skills. This is a great opportunity for those contingents that have not entered a float in the parade or to those experienced contingents that want to take their floats up another level.

The use of Mylar for either décor or construction of parade entries is prohibited.

Animal Units:
"Animals" here refers to horses, elephants and other large animals, not cats, dogs, or other household pets. Those planning to have animals within their contingent must make prior arrangements with the SFSPCA and the SF Department of Public Works. In accordance with city ordinances you are responsible for cleaning up after your animals in assembly and along the Parade Route. The City may impose a clean-up fee for animal units.

Line-up: A number of factors determine your placement in the Parade. We attempt to accommodate as many contingents' wishes as possible.

    National corporations or franchises must obtain express written permission from the Pride Committee in order to participate in the Parade. Your contingent cannot be sponsored by or display logos or trademarks from, third party businesses or organizations without the express written permission of the Pride Committee. Such permission, if granted, may include additional fees and conditions. Please contact the Pride office for information.

Mark Leno in the 2006 Parade
(Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter)
Participation of Elected Officials and Candidates
San Francisco Pride has a long history of empowering the LGBT Community and providing a venue for freedom of expression. This tradition is and has always been subject to the regulations which we must observe in relation to political activity in order to preserve the 501(c)3 charitable status for the event and to comply with our agreement with the City and County of San Francisco for funding from the Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund. Our articles of incorporation preclude the participation in the Parade of any candidate for elected office. Similarly our contract with Grants for the Arts precludes candidates from being in the Parade. (Copies of the relevant sections of SFLGBTPCC articles and Grants for the Arts contract are available upon request.) An important distinction is that an incumbent may participate in the Parade in their capacity as an office holder. Anyone may participate in a personal capacity as long as they do not campaign for elective office.
    When filling out the application you cannot for example fill out the form phrased "XYZ" for Supervisor, however Supervisor "XYZ" or "XYZ" Community Activist would be permissible. Please keep in mind that signage displayed on the Parade route such as Re-elect "XYZ" for Supervisor is not possible either. Office holders take part in the Parade representing their office and must refrain from campaigning.
    Office holders participate in the Parade in protocol order. Elected officials are not grouped together as a single section of the Parade but will, within the overall line-up, still observe protocol order. Where two or more elected official ride together in the Parade, they assume the protocol ranking of the most junior.


(Photo Credit: Jane Cleland)
Political Statements
    Our Grants for the Arts grant contract specifies that funds that we receive from them cannot go to the support or sponsorship of political banners, placards or other signage that endorses, or discourages endorsement of, legislation or a political candidate. The rules in relation to this area are complex and the Pride Committee can offer advice and guidance as how to achieve your objective without falling afoul of the rules. Any political statements or endorsements made by participants in the Parade are not necessarily the opinions expressed by the SFLGBTPCC; nor does the SFLGBTPCC contribute financially to the signage or display of these opinions.

Solicitation of Money along the Parade Route
    We do not permit the solicitation of money along the Parade Route. If your organization would like to use the Pride Event as a fund-raiser we suggest that you join our Community Partner Program. Community Partners staff the donation gates and the beverage booths and share in a percentage of the proceeds. If you have questions regarding our solicitation policy or the Community Partner Program please contact the SF Pride office.

Dykes on Bikes
(Photo Credit: Jane Cleland)
If you wish to ride with the Dykes on Bikes, do not fill out this application. Please fill out a separate Dykes on Bikes application through the Dykes on Bikes website. All other Motorcycle drivers should apply either individually or in clubs, using the Parade application. Please contact the SF Pride office for details of Motorcycle Participation in the Parade not related to the Dykes on bikes contingent.  Please refer to the Safety Guidelines for Dykes on Bikes here.

Driver and Vehicle information
    All drivers must possess a valid driver's license. All vehicles must be insured and registered for the day of the Parade. Vehicles must be in good physical as well as operating condition

Photo Credit: Jane Cleland
Vehicle/Float Dimensions
Below are the maximum dimensions of floats that can be displayed on Market Street. Please contact us if your float will be larger than these dimensions as we might be able to creatively accommodate floats that are larger than listed below.

Maximum Dimensions of Vehicle(s)
Height: 12 feet (to clear MUNI wires)
Length: 40 feet
Width: 100 inches (including rails)
Street Clearance: 12 inches above ground (to clear MUNI islands)

    Please attach a description of all maneuvers, formations, or other exhibitions that will stop or slow the Parade. It should include an approximate length of time and, if applicable, location for each maneuver. Failure to submit a description, or any attempt to insert a non-disclosed maneuver on Parade day can result in removal and/or denial of future participation.

2008 Parade Line-up
The following is the most current San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade Line-Up for 2008.  Please note that this list does not represent the final line-up at the day of the Parade as contingents sometimes must have their placement adjusted during line-up to accommodate unforeseen events.  Parade contingents should always refer to their Parade packets for final placing.  For a map of the Parade Assembly area, click here.

Line-Up 2008 Parade Contingents - Numeric Area
001 Dykes on Bikes/Women's Motorcyle Contingent A-E
002 Different Spokes San Francisco F
003 AIDS LifeCycle F
004 Mikes on Bikes F
005 San Francisco Bicycle Coalition F
006 Balloon Magic F
007 San Francisco LGBT Pride Theme Float  F
008 Alexander Hamilton Post 448 F
009 Cheer For Life Foundation, Inc. F
010 Benoit, Joan - Grand Marshal F
011 Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits F
012 Sparks, Theresa - Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal  & Cho, Margaret F
013 San Francisco Sheriff's Department/Protect and Defend F
014 San Francisco Police Officer Pride Alliance F
015 Newsom, Mayor Gavin F
016 Marriage Equality USA F
017 Burrows, Marvin - Grand Marshal F
018 Leno, Mark, Assemblymember F
019 Herrera, Dennis, San Francisco City Attorney F
020 ACLU of Northern California F
021 San Francisco Historical Car Club/Freewheelers, The F
023 San Francisco Model-A Ford Car Club G
024 Yee, Betty T., Chairwoman CA State Board of Equalization & Migden, Carol, Senator G
025 Our Family Coalition G
026 Bay Area Discovery Museum G
028 Children's Day School G
029 Presidio Hill School G
030 Laird, John, Assemblymember G
031 San Francisco Friends School G
032 San Francisco School, The G
033 Loco Bloco Drum and Dance Ensemble G
034 Larkin Street Youth Services G
035 United Educators of San Francisco G
036 Ally Action G
037 Gay-Straight Alliance Network G
038 Charo - Celebrity Grand Marshal G
039 Harris, Kamala, San Francisco District Attorney G
040 CUE/Velocity Circus G
041 San Francisco Public Library, James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center  G
042 Macy's West G
043 Congregation Rodef Sholom G
044 Congregation Sha'ar Zahav G
045 Temple Sinai G
046 Wells Fargo Bank with Pets Are Wonderful Support & Chantal Chamandy H
047 Low, Evan - Grand Marshal H
048 Billy DeFrank Lesbian & Gay Community Center H
049 Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center H
051 Gay Asian Pacific Alliance - Organizational Grand Marshal H
052 Trikone H
053 Triangle Martial Arts Association H
054 Adachi, Jeff, SF Public Defender H
055 Jordan, Leslie - Celebrity Guest H
056 San Francisco Toyota/Scion H
057 San Francisco SPCA, The H
058 Virgin America H
059 Tenderloin Health H
060 Black Brothers Esteem/San Francisco AIDS Foundation H
061 Project Open Hand H
062 AIDS Healthcare Foundation H
063 AIDS Walk San Francisco H
064 Bare Chest Calendar H
065 Instituto Familiar de la Raza H
066 Arguello, Erick - Grand Marshal H
067 Latinos de Ambiente del Área de la Bahía H
068 House of Garza and Grupo Samba Rio, The H
069 STOP AIDS Project J
070 AIDS Emergency Fund J
071 San Mateo County Health Department J
072 City CarShare J
073 Cisneros, José, San Francisco City Treasurer J
074 Turman, Julius - Grand Marshal J
075 Oakland Pride J
076 Supporters of Congresswoman Barbara Lee J
077 First Congregational Church of Oakland J
078 Obama Pride J
079 Milk, Stuart - Celebrity Grand Marshal J
080 Golden Gate Performing Arts/San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus J
081 Haight Ashbury Free Clinic J
082 Cain, Joey - Grand Marshal J
083 Radical Fairies J
084 San Francisco Ducal Court J
085 Imperial Court of San Francisco J
086 Royal Grand Ducal Council Of Alameda County J
087 San Francisco Leather Pride Contingent J
088 Bears of San Francisco J
089 North West Pony Players J
090 Norcal Waste Systems K
091 Ting, Phil, San Francisco City Assessor-Recorder K
092 Ammiano, Tom, San Francisco City Supervisor K
093 Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club K
094 AAA Northern California, Nevada, Utah K
095 Rocket Dog Rescue K
096 Google K
097 Kaiser Permanente K
098 American Red Cross - Bay Area Chapter K
099 San Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control K
100 Clear Channel Radio K
101 Lauper, Cyndi - Celebrity Grand Marshal K
102 Virgin Megastore K
103 Maxwell, Sophie, & Peskin, Aaron - San Francisco City Supervisors K
104 Straights for Gay Rights K
105 Transgender San Francisco K
106 San Francisco Human Rights Commission K
107 Air New Zealand K
108 Out4Immigration K
109 Dufty, Bevan, San Francisco City Supervisor and Ma, Fiona, Assemblywoman K
110 Sydney Sister City Delegation K
111 San Francisco LGBT Community Center, The/Comcast K
112 Independent Adoption Center L
113 Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo  L
114 Crunch Fitness K
115 Dignity/San Francisco K
116 Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco K
117 Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church K
118   K
119 United in Spirit K
120 Congregational Church of San Mateo K
121 Episcopal Diocese of California K
122 That All May Freely Serve K
123 Glide Foundation K
124 Energy 92.7 FM K
125 New Leaf Outreach to Elders K
126 On Lok Lifeways K
127 Sanchez, Mark, President - Board of Education K
128 Wong, Lawrence/City College of San Francisco K
129 Golden State Gay Rodeo Association K
130 Diageo K
131 Diageo DNA K
132 BABN - Bay Area Bisexual Network K
133 Mamma Mia/Universal Pictures L
134 Outright Libertarians of the San Francisco Bay Area L
135 Stand With Us/San Francisco Voice for Israel L
136 San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band L
137 Northrop Grumman Marine Systems L
138 Spectrum Center for LGBT Concerns L
139 San Francisco Zen Center L
140 San Francisco Fire Department L
141 San Francisco Department of Public Health AIDS Office L
142 HEP Team SF/City of SF Department of Health L
143 San Francisco Office of the Chief Medical Examiner L
144 Me, Not Meth L
145 Walden House L
146 California Men's Gatherings, Inc L
147 Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality L
148 Red Bull L
149 Darren Romeo - The Voice of Magic L
150 Mecca SF L
151 Worthington, Kriss, Berkeley City Councilmember L
152 Berkeley Free Clinic L
153 Bay Area Rapid Transit L
154 SEIU - United Healthcare Workers West L
155 San Francisco Pride at Work L
156 Multiview/Lusty Lady L
157 Out and Equal Workplace Advocates L
158 Genentech Out and Equal L
159 PG&E Pride Network L
160 San Francisco Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps. L
161 ON Magazine L
162 Barely Legal Productions L
163 California Clean Money Campaign L
164 Lutherans Concerned L
165 John Gardiner Automotive L
166 Teatro ZinZanni L
167 Best Buy L
168 Sinderella L
169 MGM Bill L
170 Chasing Amy Social Club, The L
171 Weatherford BMW M
172 Levi Strauss & Co. M
173 Greater Bay Area Metro Club M
174 Bank of America M
175 EHS Pilates M
176 Bay Quackers M
177 Team San Francisco M
178   M
179 San Francisco Hiking Club M
180 Diesel SF M
181 Sonoma State University M
182 Ray of Light Theatre M
183 Center for Sex and Culture, The M
184 California Aggie Marching Band-uh! M

2008 Parade Route Map


2008 Event Theme

  Photo Credit: Jane Cleland

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee is proud to announce the theme for the 2008 San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade:

United by Pride, Bound for Equality

    The 2008 theme was selected from a list of 40 potential competitors by the General Membership of the Pride Celebration Committee at their Annual General Meeting held at the Hotel Whitcomb, an SF Pride sponsor hotel, on September 16, 2007.
    In debating the potential themes, the membership expressed a desire to think forward toward 2008 as an election year and to select a theme which reflected both the historical role of San Francisco Pride within the LGBT civil rights movement and the importance of asserting a political stance in favor of full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

About Grand Marshals 2008
San Francisco Pride’s Grand Marshals are the public emissaries of Pride. They represent a mix of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the LGBT community.
    With the help of community input, Pride selects these groups and individuals as Grand Marshals in order to honor the work they have put into furthering the causes of LGBT peoples.
    San Francisco Pride recognizes community leaders and one infamous detractor in the following categories: Individual Community Grand Marshals, Organizational Grand Marshal, the Pink Brick Recipient, and Celebrity Grand Marshals.

Celebrity Grand Marshals
Cyndi Lauper

    After winning a Grammy in 1985 for best new artist and becoming the first artist in history to have five top ten singles from a debut album, Cyndi Lauper continues to win critical acclaim as a singer, musician, actor and writer.
    A devoted advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community for over 25 years, Cyndi Lauper launched the annual True Colors Tour in 2007.  In partnership with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), this North American tour brings people together to voice their solidarity for GLBT equality and raise awareness about the continued discrimination the community still faces.   The True Colors show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley on June 29th will act as Grand Finale for this year's San Francisco LGBT Price Celebration.
    From Cyndi and her openly gay sister Elen taking part in a highly successful national public awareness campaign for PFLAG to participating in countless events to raise funds and awareness for the fight for GLBT equality, Cyndi is committed to this vital community that has loved and supported her throughout her career.   In appreciation for her work, Cyndi has been honored by many organizations including HRC, PFLAG and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
    Cyndi is also a tireless participant in the struggle to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has ravaged the world.   Participating in efforts and events for organizations like AMFAR, Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Cyndi  continues to speak out about the need for education and greater resources to fight this disease.
    Cyndi’s new album “Bring Ya To The Brink” is in stores May 27th.

The Producers of the Milk Movie  
Stuart Milk

    Stuart Milk, the youngest of Harvey Milk’s two nephews and a teen when his uncle was killed, came out of the closet the night of November 27, 1978 along with thousands of other members of the LGBT community across the US. He has been the Milk family voice and spokesperson on his uncle’s legacy and a frequent participant at memorial and commemorative events for the last several years in San Francisco. Stuart’s talk at USF on his conversations and memories of his uncle can be seen on the extras DVD in the 20th Anniversary edition of the academy award winning documentary, “The Times of Harvey Milk.” 
    Having been inspired by his early conversations with Harvey on public and human service, Stuart has spent the past twenty years working with at-risk youth, the economically disadvantaged, and dislocated workers obtain the skills needed to enter or re-enter the workforce and become self-sufficient. Although based in Wilton Manors Florida, his current work includes supporting the youth at the Treasure Island Job Corps Center here in San Francisco and at dozens of other Youth and Adult workforce assistance programs in the US and around the world. And much like his uncle, Stuart proudly presents a message of providing “hope” to young people and the disenfranchised with his talks at national and international workforce and economic self-sufficiency conferences.

Community Grand Marshals
Erick Argüello
    As a member/client of AGUILAS- Asociacion Gay Unida Impactado Latinos a Superarse (Gay Association empowering Latinos to empower themselves)  Erick advocates for the LGBT Gay/bisexual Latino community around HIV/AIDS and the general Latino/Mission community through community building.
    Erick has received certificates of recognition for his contribution and commitment to safety and community building from Senators Carol Migden, Leland Yee, Jackie Spears, Assemblymen Mark Leno, Assembly Women Fiona Ma and Mayor Gavin Newsom.
    Features of Erick's involvement in the community:
  • Founder of the Lower 24th St. Merchant and Neighborhood Association in the Mission

  • Member of the advisory committee on safety to the District Attorney

  • Past member of the community policing advisory committee for the Mayors office of Criminal Justice.

  • Past member of the speaker’s bureau program through Instituto Familiar de La Raza, educating and sharing life experience with other Latinos around HIV/AIDS

  • Long term survivor HIV/AIDS since 1987

Joan Benoît

    Joan Benoît has been the Executive Director of the Native American AIDS Project since 1999, leading NAAP from a small program within a large organization to the only Native American HIV-specific organization in California.  Joan was born into the Eagle Clan of the Anishanaabe Nation and is an enrolled member of the Chippewa of the Thames, First Nation. Joan has been on numerous Boards of Directors for various non-profit organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marvin Burrows


    Marvin Burrows is seventy-two years-old. Marvin and his partner of 51 years, Bill married in San Francisco. Bill died one year later, and since Marvin has been in the marriage movement so that LGBT families don’t have to repeat his experience. Marvin co-founded Gays and Lesbians Organized for Betterment & Equality, Lavender Seniors, and the Lighthouse Community Center. For 16 years, he delivered Meals on Wheels.  His work has been done with the intention of creating positive change, especially for the young and old, and gives LGBTs greater equality.

Joey Cain

    From his involvement with the Gay Liberation Front in his home town of Buffalo, New York in the early 1970’s to his recent co-chairing of the Harvey Milk City Hall Memorial Committee, Joey has spent almost 37 years helping to create a radical Queer  movement that celebrates the unique gifts and spirit that LGBT people bring to the world. Throughout the 1980s and 90s he was a creative force in the Radical Fairy movement, organizing gatherings and helping to found Nomenus,  the first state recognized 501c3 “church” to specifically articulate a spiritual tradition of Gay Men. He participated in the White Night Riots, helped organize protests against the closing of Gay Bath houses in San Francisco, fought against the gentrification of San Francisco and picketed week after week in front of Badlands Bar against the owner’s ongoing racist actions.  He served for nearly 10 years, four of them as President, on the Board of the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee, during which time the organization gained a new political relevancy and extended its community involvement and diversity. He is a long time member of Bound Together Anarchist Collective Book Store and helped co-found the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.  Recently he helped create the Edward Carpenter Forum, an international group of scholars and enthusiasts dedicated the rediscovery and recognition of this important early radical LGBT thinker, philosopher and poet. He currently serves as co-chair of the Harvey Milk City Hall Memorial Committee and serves on the board of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council. He works for the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics in their Substance Abuse Treatment Program and lives in a collective household with Gay film maker Maher Sabry and John Burnside, long time partner of LGBT movement pioneer Harry Hay.

Evan Low
    The City of Campbell made history when Evan Low was elected to the City Council at the age of 23. He is the youngest gay elected official in the country and is the first openly gay and first Asian American to hold the elected position in the city. Evan served as President of the Silicon Valley LGBT Democratic Club and is poised to become the first openly gay Mayor in the Silicon Valley region. He continues to be deeply committed toward empowering under served communities.
Julius Turman

    Julius Turman, an attorney with Morgan Lewis & Bockius, has fought for the rights of LGBT persons and worked for greater inclusion within the gay community.  Julius was the first African American to head the Alice Club and the Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom.  In 2007 Julius was co-chair of the Bar Association’s committee that produced a groundbreaking report on best practices in the hiring, retention and promotion of LGBT attorneys.  Julius was recently appointed to the Human Rights Commission by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Organization Grand Marshal
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA)

    Celebrating its 20th year, the San Francisco Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) is an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islanders by creating awareness, by developing a positive collective identity and by establishing a supportive community. GAPA was formed from the need for an organization to address, through a democratic process, social, cultural and political issues affecting the gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islander community.

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal
Theresa Sparks

    Theresa Sparks is President of Good Vibrations and was the first elected and openly transgender President of the San Francisco Police Commission in 2007.  As a Humans Rights Commissioner, she worked on the historic transgender health initiative and transgender treatment protocols for the SFPD.  She is a Director of the Horizons Foundation and the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, has been chosen as a California Legislature Woman of the Year, awarded the Human Rights Campaign Equality Award and is one of OUT Magazines OUT 100 LGBT Leaders in the United States.  Sparks was also recently sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  In 2008, Theresa received the Equality Leadership Award from Equality California.

Honorary Grand Marshals

Brett Andrews
Miguel Bustos
Trauma Flintstone
Shannon Minter
Tina Phillips
Dr. Carol Queen

Pink Brick

Bill O'Reilly

    Unlike past recipients, Bill O'Reilly's receipt of this award cannot be attributed to any one stance or event.  His consistent efforts to mislead his viewers and listeners about issues regarding the LGBT community and LGBT people does more than just leave a misleading impression—it reinforces ignorance about and hatred of our community.   While there are many instances to which we might refer, his lesbian gang segment on The O'Reilly Factor on June 21, 2007 epitomizes the way in which O'Reilly has discarded truth in favor of baseless slander and fear-mongering.That segment, which described a supposed surge in LGBT gangs and related violence across the U.S., has been widely criticized—and rightly so—for its many inaccuracies and unsubstantiated claims.  That segment described an incident in which a group of lesbian women attacked a man by the name of Wayne Buckle in New York City.
    Not mentioned in this segment on "lesbian gangs" was the fact that there is no evidence that the women involved in the attack on Wayne Buckle were members of any criminal gang. Also unmentioned was the fact that the women were responding to Buckle's unwelcomed sexual advances which resulted in his flicking a cigarette at the women after one of them rebuffed his sexual overtures.

    That segment also featured in the background a highly provocative, looped video of women fighting.
  The insinuation was that these women represented the group Dykes Taking Over, which OReillys segment indicated was an example of a lesbian gang.  Had the audio accompanied that video, which is widely available on internet video sites, it would have quickly revealed that these young women were fighting over a boy—so much for violent lesbians.
    Sensationalism trumped truth. The footage was provocative and meant to instill fear and in so doing, to drive up ratings by means of unabashed sensationalism.  It is extremely difficult to conclude from the available evidence that the purpose of the segment was to describe any real trends in gangs across the country when the evidence of which OReilly made use was faulty and misleading. (You can review the video with audio here)

    OReillys reporting about LGBT people amounts to false provocation.  His reach is wide and his audience large, so measuring the impact of his words on hundreds of thousands of listeners and viewers who interact with LGBT people infrequently is difficult to measure, but there are predictable consequences to such fear-mongering.  Hatred against and misunderstandings about LGBT people all too often spill over into violence.  We Californians are bitterly aware of this fact in the wake of the shooting of 15 year-old Lawrence King at his school in Oxnard on February 12 of this year. 

    On air, OReilly challenged SF Prides Board President Mikayla Connell to cite examples of OReillys disrespect for the LGBT community. In the spirit of education and Mikaylas long list of grievances against OReilly, we add the following:
OReillys reporting about LGBT people amounts to false provocation.  His reach is wide and his audience large, so measuring the impact of his words on hundreds of thousands of listeners and viewers who interact with LGBT people infrequently is difficult to measure, but there are predictable consequences to such fear-mongering.  Hatred against and misunderstandings about LGBT people all too often spill over into violence.  We Californians are bitterly aware of this fact in the wake of the shooting of 15 year-old Lawrence King at his school in Oxnard on February 12 of this year. 

OReilly expresses outrage over a lesbian teen couple being voted "Cutest Couple" by their classmates.

OReilly expresses outrage over the San Diego Padres Gay Night coinciding with childrens night at the ball park.

OReillys reporting about LGBT people amounts to false provocation.  His reach is wide and his audience large, so measuring the impact of his words on hundreds of thousands of listeners and viewers who interact with LGBT people infrequently is difficult to measure, but there are predictable consequences to such fear-mongering.  Hatred against and misunderstandings about LGBT people all too often spill over into violence.  We Californians are bitterly aware of this fact in the wake of the shooting of 15 year-old Lawrence King at his school in Oxnard on February 12 of this year.  That segment, which described a supposed surge gangs related violence across U.S., has been widely criticized—and rightly so—for its many inaccuracies unsubstantiated claims.  segment an incident group lesbian women attacked man by name Wayne Buckle New York City.

    OReillys reporting about LGBT people amounts to false provocation.  His reach is wide and audience large, so measuring the impact of words on hundreds thousands listeners viewers who interact with infrequently difficult measure, but there are predictable consequences such fear-mongering.  Hatred against misunderstandings all too often spill over into violence.  We Californians bitterly aware this fact in wake shooting 15 year-old Lawrence King at school Oxnard February 12 year. 
    OReilly and his guest mischaracterize the California Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.  The right to marriage was not created "out of whole cloth," but rather was determined in the 1947 Perez decision.  OReilly refers to the decision as an "insult" to the people of California.

The 2008 San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
Noon to 6:00pm – Civic Center


Sunday, June 29th, 2008
Noon to 7:00pm – Civic Center

  Photo Credit: Jane Cleland

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee is proud to announce the theme for the 2008 San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade, "United by Pride, Bound for Equality."
    The 2008 theme was selected from a list of 40 potential competitors by the General Membership of the Pride Celebration Committee at their Annual General Meeting held at the Hotel Whitcomb, an SF Pride sponsor hotel, on September 16, 2007.
    In debating the potential themes, the membership expressed a desire to think forward toward 2008 as an election year and to select a theme which reflected both the historical role of San Francisco Pride within the LGBT civil rights movement and the importance of asserting a political stance in favor of full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. 

Main Stage
    This year on Pride Sunday, SF Pride is excited to feature the best of local entertainment from the Bay Area and great cutting-edge acts, including headliners Crystal Waters, Inaya Day, and Kat Deluna. On Pride Saturday, Main Stage offers a unique day of programming, featuring exciting cultural offerings and a great chance to have a picnic on Civic Center Plaza while enjoying exceptional entertainment including Saturday headliner Meshell Ndegeocello.

Main Stage Saturday Line-Up 
June 28, 2008 (times subject to change)
12:00 PM   Nikki Starr MC & Song  
12:10 PM   Andre dos Santos Morgan  
12:45 PM   The San Francisco Opera  
1:45 PM   The Glide Ensemble  
2:15 PM   The Lollipop Guild - An Ensemble of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
2:50 PM   Terese Genecco & Her Little Big Band
3:25 PM   Cheer SF
3:40 PM   Meshell Ndegeocello  
4:45 PM   Fogo Na Roupa
4:55 PM   Marriage Equality


Main Stage Sunday Line-Up

June 29, 2008 (times subject to change)
12:00 PM   BAAITS:  Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits
12:10 PM   Welcome - Mikayla Connell  
12:15 PM   DJ Junior B  
12:40 PM   Carole Pope  
1:00 PM   Liam Shy & Unwoman - A Tribute to Harvey Milk
1:10 PM   San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus presents The Three Tenors 
1:15 PM   Grand Marshals & Pride Board
1:20 PM   Margaret Cho
1:25 PM   Cyndi Lauper
1:35 PM   Elected Officials
1:40 PM   Milk Movie
1:50 PM   Marriage Equality  
2:05 PM   Cheer SF  
MC   Tim Gaskin & John Weber  
2:15 PM   Josh Klipp
2:30 PM   Kate Kendell & Geoff Kors
2:35 PM   Chantal Chamandy
2:55 PM   The Ethel Merman Experience  
3:15 PM   Troy and the Crew  
MC   Cameron Eng & Margo Gomez
3:05 PM   Melange  Lavonne  
3:25 PM   Lord Martine presents Fashion
3:50 PM   Christian George    
MC   Heklina & Cockatelia  
4:05 PM   Crystal Waters  
4:25 PM   Rubber Side Down  
4:55 PM   Inaya Day  
5:15 PMMM   Kat DeLuna  
5:50 PM   Kent James  
6:10 PM   Lady Gaga