The Response to Prop 8
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ACTION: Meet in the Middle 4 Equality


On the FIRST Saturday AFTER the Prop 8 verdict

Rally for national LGBT equality the first Saturday AFTER the California Supreme Court issues its rulings on the Proposition 8 cases. Meet on the steps of City Hall in downtown Fresno at 1:00 PM.

Why Fresno? The battle for equality has to be fought in towns like Fresno, CA — not only in gay-friendly cities. California's Central Valley population is reflective of national attitudes towards LGBT Equality and until we engage the communities of "middle-America", we will not gain the full equality we deserve.

For more information: http://meetinthemiddle4equality.com/


The fight is not over.  On November 4, a slim majority of California voters propelled Proposition 8,  to victory.  Proposition 8 struck a serious blow to the forces of equality and fairness as by eliminating the rights of same-sex couples to marry.

 Photo Credit: Bill Wilson

The passage of Prop 8 represents the first time in U.S. history that a state constitution has been used to strip away existing rights rather than to bestow or protect rights.

Thirty-nine years ago, here in San Francisco, the LGBT Pride movement began as a gathering of but a few hundred people.  Today this movement reaches millions upon millions of people all across the globe.  So today we are calling on community members to take hope in our victories over the past four decades and to begin to think about what we can do to turn the disaster of Prop 8 around. 

As LGBT people, we must continue to stand proud in the face of this temporary victory for discrimination.  Today is our day to fight for our constitution and for equality.

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The Rights We've Lost
To read the text of the California Supreme Court's decision regarding same-sex marriage, click here.