Community to Vote For Grand Marshals

Continuing its policy of community involvement, the Parade Committee is opening the process for the selection of this year's Grand Marshal(s). Moving in a bold new direction, the selection of this year's Marshal(s) will be by public ballot.

Pride President Calvin Gipson said :

"There are many individuals and organizations that work very hard on behalf of our community in helping us obtain our civil rights, freedom to marry, providing health care, and empowering our churches and families. As we move into the new millennium, the Pride Committee is proud to be able to honor as parade grand marshals individuals and organizations who have given so much of their heart, soul, time, and money to the community. We hope that everyone comes out to vote in recognition of our nominees' contributions that benefit all of us."

A polling place will be open at 18th and Castro on Saturday April 17, between 10am and 6pm, when members of the public may cast their votes. Pride Committee volunteers, complete with festive balloons and banners, will staff the polling place throughout the day. Anyone may vote, regardless of residency, although only one vote per person per category is allowed.

As well as voting in person, it is also possible to vote via mail on a ballot paper which will appear in the press next week. This can be cut out and mailed to the Pride office.To reduce the chances of people submitting multiple votes, no voting via telephone or email will be accepted. The closing date for the receipt of completed postal ballots is April 23.

Voters will be asked to choose one individual and one organization from the following nominees:

Grand Marshal (Individual) Nomination List :

    Keith Boykin
    Barbara Cameron
    Rt. Rev. Otis Charles
    Tamara Ching
    Adam Colton
    Steven Cozza
    Rev. Don Fado
    Rudy Galindo
    Harry Hay
    Kate Kendall
    Sheila Kuehl
    Sara Waddell Lowenstein
    Mary Midgett
    Rev. Jim Mitulski
    Lester Olmstead-Rose
    Gary Virginia
    Howard Wallace
    Tom Ammiano/Juanita Owens/Lawrence Wong (as a single nomination)

Grand Marshal (Organization) Nomination List :

    AIDS Emergency Fund
    Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

To honor organizations who have consistently served our community, there is a separate category for Organization Grand Marshal this year.

As to how many Grand Marshals there will be, this will depend upon the number of votes cast for the various nominees. Where the vote is close, this may result in more than one Grand Marshal per category. The votes will be tallied and the results announced on May 5, allowing time for the winners to be notified and confirm their acceptance.

If you would like to vote, but can not make it to the polls on April 17th, you can download a voting sheet to mail in, by clicking here.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 3733