"And The Nominations Are..."
Community Invited to Make Nominations For Parade Grand Marshals

Nominations are now officially open for the Grand Marshals of this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade. In unique San Franciscan style, anyone may make a nomination and nominations are encouraged from the community by the Pride Committee.

SF Pride President, Joshua Smith, said :

“This is the time for us to acknowledge the heroes and heroines from our community, those who, change(ed) the world by being themselves. The Grand Marshal honor is our recognition of these people for their vital support and contribution to the LGBTQ community.”

Members of the public are encouraged to mail, fax and email their nominations to the Pride office (details below) by January 31, 2002 -- the closing date for nominations. Nominations must include a brief biography of the nominee and contact details for the nominee in order to be valid. The Pride Committee and its membership will review the nominations and refine the list to ensure diversity. The public will then be invited to vote in two categories, individual, and organization. Depending upon the number of votes cast there may be one or more grand marshal per category. If there is a clear and overwhelming vote for one person or organization then the Board will ratify the winner as the Grand Marshal but, where there is a more even spread of votes, the Board may choose multiple Grand Marshals.

Voting will take place at special polling booths in the community as well as by ballots printed in the LGBT media. A Nomination Form can be downloaded on the web by going to:


This year there will be no public voting in the celebrity category. Witherington explained:

“Last year was an exercise in desire. The important thing is to identify a celebrity we have a realistic chance of getting. That process has started and will result in their being a celebrity grand marshal this year. Last year there wasn’t one.”

Next year will be the 32nd anniversary of San Francisco Pride Celebrations and the Parade and Celebration will be held over the June 29/30 weekend. The 2002 event theme is “Be Yourself, Change The World.”


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at: (415) 864 0831

Grand Marshal Nominations should be MAILED to:

Grand Marshal Nominations, PMB 421, 1230 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, or FAXED to: (415) 864-5889 or EMAILED to: info@sfpride.org