Green With Pride
Major Recycling Initiative To Be Launched At State's Largest Event

This year, in conjunction with Norcal Waste, the San Francisco Department of the Environment and Clean City Coalition, San Francisco Pride launches a major campaign to encourage recycling and environmentally friendly practices at the Parade and Celebration. Utilizing the Fantastic 3 program, which collects recyclables, food waste, and refuse, SF Pride plans to divert most of the 30 tons of waste generated from ending up in a landfill.

"Our goal is zero waste from the event but we realize that will take time. We are piloting a voluntary program this year and will be introducing compulsory requirements in 2004."

Said Pride President, Joey Cain.

Vendors and exhibitors are encouraged to participate in the program, and further, are asked to reduce or eliminate their use of polystyrene, foam and plastic products. Fantastic 3 bins, in blue, green and black, will be located at all food court locations, and blue recycling bins will be at every beverage booth. SF Environment and the Clean City Coalition are working with the Pride Committee to recruit the volunteers to staff the recycling centers and educate the audience about the need to recycle.

Pride Executive Director Teddy Witherington said:

"We've asked all of our partners to pitch in and help us recycle, but we also need the help of our community-the people that attend our event-to make sure and recycle all of their beverage containers and food scraps. Together, we can ensure that SF Pride is an event that gives us hope for the future of our planet."

There are many unique challenges that an event the size and scale of SF Pride presents and the recycling plan, it is hoped, will be adapted as a blueprint for other large public events.

This year is the 33rd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration. The event theme is "You've Gotta Give Them Hope." The quote comes from Harvey Milk, the City's first openly gay elected official who was gunned down in City Hall 25 years ago, and is the answer he gave when frequently asked why he was an activist. The event is to be held over the June 28/29 weekend. For more information about the history of San Francisco Pride, please visit our website at: