May 3, 2005
Twinning Gets Icy…

The SF LBGT Pride Celebration Committee announces our newest Partnering Twin: Reykjavik Gay Pride. Partnering Twins are Pride Organizations which have organized at least one Pride Celebration in a 12 month period, and that celebration is an annual event. The Twinning agreement is a non-renewable distinction held for no more than two years.

Each organization mutually benefits from Twinning Agreements. SF Pride shares 35 years of celebration experience with a younger Pride Organization. Reykjavik Pride gains knowledge and experience of the ins-and-outs of a large-scale Pride Parade and Celebration. Both committees send representatives from each organization to attend the respective events.

Joey Cain, SF Pride Board President, said:

“Iceland is a country in a leadership position when it comes to LGBT rights. Reykjavik’s exciting and vital queer community is an excellent match for SF Pride and our community.”

Iceland has a twenty-five year history of fighting for gay rights. Today lesbians and gay men in Iceland have social and legal rights not seen in most countries around the world. Reykjavik Gay Pride is the embodiment of these social and political gains. Started in 2000 by the five main Icelandic gay organizations (Samtökin 78, FSS, MSC Iceland, Women with Women, and Group of Positive Gay Men) the five year old celebration is a nationwide event and the largest event held in August, the highest tourism month each year. The event, held the second weekend of August, includes a colorful and vibrant Parade, and an outdoor concert attended by more than 30,000 people annually. This year Different Days in Reykjavik (Gay Pride) starts on 6 August 2005 with an evening opening ceremony. For more information about Reykjavik Gay Pride please see

Heimir Már Pétursson, Director General of Reykjavik Gay Pride, said,

“We are both proud and honored to twin with San Francisco Pride Parade. The SF Pride is one of the oldest Pride celebrations in the world and we are one of the youngest. Even so I think both prides can benefit from the cooperation and most importantly work together in spreading the message of pride, linking together US and Europe, commemorating all the brave lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people who walked with the storm in their face and with their struggle delivered us where we are today. Pride should be universal. By working together our two cities are contributing in making gay rights, basic human rights, universal.”

Additionally, SF Pride has three other Twins. Again this year, SF Pride will be working closely with the other Partnering Twin -- Divers\Cité (Montreal Pride). The 2005 Mentoring twins are Pride in the Pines (Flagstaff, AZ), and Sista Steppin’ in Pride.

Lindsey Jones, Interim Executive Director, said,

“We at SF Pride are thrilled to welcome Reykjavik Gay Pride to our Twinning family. For such a young Pride group they have accomplished so much. And, the return of our other Mentoring Twins assures that these groups will grow from SF Pride’s experience.”

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration. The event theme is, “Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Proud,” and will be held the June 25/26 weekend. For more information about San Francisco LGBT Pride please visit our website at:

For further information please contact Jonathan Fishleder at: (415) 864-0831.