June 29 and 30, 2013

Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride


Real-Time Transit Information

Get free real-time Bay Area traffic and transit information to SF Pride Parade and Celebration by simply calling 511 or visiting www.511.org.

The 511 service provides up-to-date information on Bay Area public transit routes, fares and schedules, as well as access to all transit operators.  To plan your transit route, use 511’s TakeTransit Trip Plannersm.

Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

Take BART to the Pride Celebration. Disembark at Civic Center for the Celebration site and use the Civic Center, Powell or Montgomery Street stations to access the Parade route. Contact BART at 510-465-2278 or for the latest information and schedules.

BART is a 104-mile, automated rapid transit system serving over 3 million people. BART’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, economical and energy-efficient means of transportation. With gas prices climbing ever higher, BART expects more people to switch their commute, since each BART rider gets the equivalent of 250 miles to the gallon.

Powell Station Construction Advisory

There is ongoing construction at the BART Powell Station. We recommend using Civic Center, Montgomery, or Embarcadero Stations.

Bus with Muni

Muni Train and Bus
If you live or are staying in San Francisco we recommend using the San Francisco Muni Metro subway. Civic Center, Powell and Montgomery stations are the best stops for the Parade and Celebration. Extra buses will be operating from the Castro District as well as the Sunset and Richmond Districts. After the Parade, extra buses will be available at Market and 10th street for the return home.

Visit http://www.sfmta.com for special event service. You can also find out when the next Muni train will arrive at your stop by calling 511 and saying, “Muni”, then “Departure Times.”

Clipper® Card
Event participants using Bay Area public transportation systems are strongly encouraged to purchase their fares in advance or use Clipper® Card. Customers using Clipper Card also receive a $0.50 discount off an adult single ride when transferring to Muni from BART, Golden Gate Ferry and Transit, and San Francisco Bay Ferry routes (Oakland-Alameda, Harbor Bay and Vallejo). Golden Gate Ferry and Transit and San Francisco Bay Ferry also provide a reciprocal single-ride discount for Muni customers transferring to their service.

Visit clippercard.com for more information on using Clipper.


Call 511 or visit 511.org ahead of time to find out real-time driving times and traffic conditions such as road congestion, incidents and delays or construction.


Pedaling is one of the best ways to arrive at the Parade and Celebration. You can use the 511 BikeMappersm to plan your bicycle trip.

Ferry Service

For information on Golden Gate Ferry service from North Bay, visit goldengateferry.org. Special Ferry Service from North Bay


If you are coming from the Peninsula or Santa Clara County we recommend that you use Caltrain and take the train to the last stop on Fourth Street. Take a short walk to the Parade or a fast MUNI trip to the Celebration site from the Fourth Street stop. Contact Caltrain at 800-660-4287 for the latest information and schedules.

Check before You Travel

Please contact Travel Info at 415-817-1717 to check on any number of traffic diversions and contingencies that will take place on the days of the event.